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My new picture book!

Kirkus Reviews calls it "A refreshing alternative to hypersentimental entries in the 'I love you more than anything!' genre: sincere without being goopy." 

March 2016



A snazzy reissue of my easy-to-read ghost story collection!

(Former title: Spooky America)

July 2015





My niece gave me the idea for this story, about a town that makes a thousand posters to find a lost dog!

Part of the Math Matters series from Kane Press.

September 2015


It's Albert's birthday, but he forgot to ask for the present he really wants—a Maze Blazer scooter. Is it too late to wish for it?

Part of the Mouse Math series from Kane Press.

September 2015


Follow along as scientists track a mako shark...using an underwater ROBOT!  

The short, rhyming text is followed by two fact-packed pages at the end of the book.

March 2015


Also in 2016...

George Washington and Johnny Appleseed, two Little Golden Book biographies (Random House)

Greetings, Sharkling! and Earth's Got Talent, two chapter books in the How to Be an Earthling series (Kane Press) 

And of course, more Flat Stanley easy-to-reads! (HarperCollins)