Next to You

Baby animals are adorable, sure. But next to you? Meh. Just okay. 

An irreverent ode to newborns...or other especially adorable people in your life!


Hardcover, jacketed picture book.
Ages 0 to 6. Albert K. Whitman, 2016.

A companion book to Warts and All
Illustrated by Sydney Hanson 

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Pass on by that copy of On the Day You Were Born and tuck this into a shower gift instead.
— The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
There’s a lot to love between these pages. It’s a book that upsets expectations for adults but still manages to be fun for kids. And if you happen to want to give it to a new parent, I’m not gonna stop you. Not one little bit.
— Betsy Bird, SLJ
Genuinely heartwarming.
— The Horn Book Guide
A refreshing alternative to the hypersentimental entries in the ‘I love you more than anything!’ genre: sincere without being goopy.
— Kirkus Reviews
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